Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist notes: Scoring

Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist notes: Scoring

The basic notes and information for the ‘scoring’ section of the exam.

PARDOT: Administration (7% weighting)

Explain what a score measures and how it can be applied

  • Measure engagement of prospects with marketing materials
  • Can measure interest
  • Automatically assigned to prospects when they convert
  • Constantly change based on activity / interaction

Describe the scoring rule and how it can be updated

Pardot provides default scoring system for online activities (clicks, visits, form submissions etc..)

Scoring system can be modified

  • Admin > Automation Settings > Scoring
  • Click edit scoring rules
  • After adding, approx number of affected prospects will be displayed
  • Click save → changes will be retroactive

Describe the options available when using automation tools to score prospects

  • Automation Rules
    • Can increase or decrease score (or reset to 0)
    • e.g. if a prospect requests a demo, increase score by 50 points
  • Forms / Form handlers
    • Score can be customised using the ‘adjust score’ completion action
  • Engagement Programs
    • Score can be increased or decreased using an action in the Engagement Studio

Given a scenario, determine the optimal workflow using a prospect score

  • Use default Pardot scoring and pick a time to evaluate
  • Ask Sales team about the quality of their leads
  • Adjust the scoring as appropriate


NB. Thanks and credit for original notes go to Salesforce Ben who has compiled an amazing set of resources for those looking to learn more about the entire Salesforce ecosystem. These notes are based on this google document that is linked to from this fantastic article which is specifically aimed at those looking to pass the Pardot Specialist Certification. I am simply rewriting and adapting to my own words in order to learn and revise for the certification and to have my own record.

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